* Scene related
Some VCS 2600 demos on YouTube
Simon Quernhost, active game+demo coder
General talk about the 2600 on youtube
Demo specific talk about the 2600 on youtube

* Specifications, hardware
Full specs of Atari 2600
FPGA rebuild (ntsc)
Address Summary
Address Details
General Descrption
simple hw overview
Stella docs

* TIA related
Some interesting notes on the inner hardware
TIA schematics (Atariage)
TIA Die shots
TIA logic examples explained
TIA details

* Banking schemes
Banking schemes
more on Banking methods

* Audio-related
Audio frequencies

* Tutorials, docs
2600 connection FAQ
Stella Programming Guide (PDF).
Excellent starting point

* Concerning games
Details about the game Adventure
comparison ntsc, pal, secam
game manuals
Stella at 20 on youtube
Disassemblies of games

Coding in general, tricks
Stella Mailinglist
MiniDig, several nice code snippets
some nice coding tricks
other Tricks and examples
Rasterpaper pdf by Tjoppen for cycle counting
Waste an exact number of clock cycles by SvOlli

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